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Customize Your Yonada T-Shirt

Please note: Custom Cut shirts cannot be returned or exchanged. Please keep in mind your personal preference for a loose or tighter fit when choosing your size. Although all cuts are mentioned on all shirts, certain styles will lend themselves better to certain shirts. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns at about the custom cut options. 

Chest Razor Cut

This simple cut offers a lot of punch as it accentuates the upper chest area for a little extra sexy on your tee. 

Open Tie Back

This is our most popular in-store cut! This cut transforms your tee into a sexy racerback which utilizes the t-shirt's own fabric to tie it back. Perfect for baggier and loose tees.

Cross Back Cut

This cut creates an edgy, open back look for those who want to retain a t-shirt look on the front while adding a touch of hottness to the back! Perfect on tighter, form-fitting tees. 

Bottom Fringe

This cut opens up the neck and creates a fringed look along the bottom! Perfect for those classic rock band tees. 

One of our most adventurous cuts!! This style transforms your tee into a halter top and utilizes the bottom fabric to create 2-3 strands to tie into adorable bows!


Halter Tie Back

website pic.jpg


Another, more simplified version of the halter cut!

Halter Tie Back 2

off the shoulder.jpg

Off the Shoulder

This cut transforms your tee into a flirty, slouchy, off the shoulder top. A perfect solution to wearing mens/unisex tees. 

Random Slashes

The zombie craze doesn't seem to be subsiding anytime soon and this cut is perfect for that slasher, zombie, chic look!! 



A modern, edgy twist on the classic v-neck. Be daring with a deep V, or go modest, with a slight cut. 

V-Neck with collar

The ubiquitouis "bad boy" cut for men or women!! Cut deeply down the side for a more edgy look! 

Muscle Cut

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